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Hi All,

I'm about to set up a new digital system. I've bought a 40" 1080p LCD telly (Samsung LE40M87BDX/XEU) and now looking at how to use it.

Ideally I'd like a client/server setup with a central networked server supplying all sources, and thin clients scattered around to dish them up locally (audio as well as video). I was looking at Linux MythTV, but wondered if anyone out there has a similar setup or has any links or experiences.

Ideally the system should handle:
PVR for recording multiple sources (audio and video)
SKYHD support
Terrestrial and satellite FreeView
CD/mp3/mp4 etc record/playback
DVD (inc. HDDVD/BluRay)
Outputs to audio amp (5.1)

Anything like this out there?


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I'm in the process of building a Mythtv box, and although I'd have said that I'm pretty computer literate, I'm struggling to get it all working. Installing the h/w was easy, but configuring Linux to recognise it all properly is a nightmare.

I don't think that Linux currently (or fully) supports HD tuner cards or HDDVD/Bluray drives, but everything else on your list should be possible.

If you restrict yourself to hardware on the Knoppmyth "Tier 1" list (stuff that's supported by the Knoppmyth Linux-Mythtv combined distribution "out of the box") then you should be OK, but unless you're already a Linux guru, stepping into the "Tier 2" engenders a whole world of pain! :)

Some links for you: (Forum requires registration, but this is where the tier 1/2/3 info is)


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Thanks for this. I have a friend who said exactly the same thing, and he's a Linux bod too! (You're name isn't Andrew A. is it??).

Anyway, I'm definitely not a Linux Guru, more of a hardware engineer, so I'm tempted now to look at Media Centre solutions having read this.

Thanks again,



Hi Mark i will try this thread in networking for you :)

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