Setting up new aerial system for the house, total novice, help.

Tom carroll

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Hi all

Newbie here looking for info on an aerial setup for my house.
Basically I purchased a new TV for the living room. The living room has never had an aerial feed we have always used sky, but we want to take advantage of the free view and improve the TV signals up stairs.

I have a loft aerial that supply's the three tvs upstairs. What I'm looking to do is run a feed from the aerial into a masthead amplifier or loft box, then run a cable down to the input in the sky box, then run a cable from the rf1 in sky box to my TV in the living room. Then I want to run a cable from the rf2 in the sky box, and somehow connect the feed from the rf2 into the three cables that I will connect to the three tvs upstairs.

So my questions are : does this setup sound correct? I've looked at a masthead amp and loft box and they seem to only have one input so if I use that input for cable that goes in to the input port on the sky box how do i connect the returning cable from the rf2 on the sky box.

I'm confused so im sure you will be also, but I'm hoping.




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You need to take your feed from your aerial straight to the sky box and then out of rf2 to the input on the amplifier. That will give you a freeview and sky signal to all your TVs upstairs. You can then take another coax from rf1 to the lounge TV to give you freeview there. Hope that makes sense?
Don't forget to enable the power output on rf2 if you wish to use magic eyes and be able to change sky channels in other rooms.


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If you press services on the remote, then 0 0 1 and select it should bring up a hidden menu. Then you need to select rf outlets and turn the power option to on. Don't forget to save!

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