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I have an LG C9 OLED TV, Xbox/ps4 4K consoles ect... however I have an Denon AVR1912 and the Bose acoustimas 10 series 3, I’m trying to find the best way of setting this up as I don’t want to run HDMI through the receiver as it doesn’t allow 4K I’m guessing I will loose picture quality? But optical doesn’t seem to show up as surround sound (on the Xbox you can choose your sound output) anyone have any ideas on how to fix this and have surround sound rather than the same noise from each speaker


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Hi, you could go all HDMI into the TV then either optical from the TV into the Denon or HDMI arc into the amp.


You can connect the consoles to the TV via HDMI and then use digital optical out from the TV to the receiver. You will have to configure the TV to output bitstream of Dolby under audio, sorry not an LG owner to give a better description. You're better not running video through the receiver as you may run into HDCP problems.


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I will be getting the same tv soon, I have a Yamaha HTR-3065 5.1 receiver, it mentions 4K pass-through for the receiver but it’s not the latest HDMI 2.0. Would I set mine up the same way as above ?
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