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After browsing these forums for a while I took some advice and got a new TV and dvd player. The telly is a Toshiba 36ZP18P and the dvd player a Toshiba SD220E.
As I'm a total novice in these affairs, I'd greatly appreciate some advice on which leads I should stick where and what settings to put the TV on as I'm aware that by getting the correct leads etc you can greatly enhance your viewing experience.
Oh, I'll be running a US Gamecube through it too.

Thanks in advance to all you helpful folks....


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Connect the DVD player to the Tv via the Component Video Inputs. Suitable cables are available from;

and elsewhere. These are 3 seperate Coaxial Video Cables with RCA Phono Connections coloured Red/Green/Blue.

This leaves you RGB Scart Socket on the Tv free so you can connect a SKY box to it for example. The US Gamecube outputs component video as well and this is the best signal you can get from it but it would mean unplugging your DVD player to use the Gamecube. Alternatively, you could use RGB for your DVD Player and Component for the Gamecube. Another option is to buy or make (see my sig) an RGB Scart Cable for the US Gamecube.

Gamecube Component Video Cables are not available in the Uk and you will need to import one. They cost around £30 and I recommend:




DVD > TV Component
DVD > TV Coaxial
Gamecube > TV (not sure on the gamecube connection, maybe S-Video > Scart)
Gamecube > TV Optical

All these leads can be purchased fairly cheap and on line from companies like,
hificables and HiFiBitZ


Logan, things can get a bit tricky depending on how much quality you want. You also didn't metion if you will have Sky Digital and VCRs connected to the TV... Or if you have an amp/AV receiver. I'll explain the configuration with only the TV and DVD player but owning a receiver will greatly enhance your Home Cinema experience but if course would add to the budget.

Whatever you do, read through the possible configurations before you do anything ^_^

On the back of the TV there are AV inputs (AV1, AV2, AV3 and Component). AV1 is RGB enabled so we will look at this and the Component connections.

For your situation buy a decent "Gold plated RGB" Scart cable and use that to connect your DVD player to your TV. Connect the Scart lead to AV1.

Turn on your DVD player and press "Setup" on the remote control. Change the "TV Shape" to 16:9 and change the "Video Out Select" to RGB. Job done ^_^

Now to the US Gamecube. For the best quality you would either have to have a cable modified for RGB or buy a Nintendo Component Cable. If I were you, I'd buy a Component Cable and you can get one from here. Just connect the Component cable to the back of your TV.. Its all colour coded so you can't go wrong.

You would also need to connect the Gamecube cable that came with the console (Red, White and Yellow leads). Connect the Red and White audio leads to the back of the TV also. Job done again ^_^

If you have Sky Digital then I would plug it directly into AV1 and make sure that Sky Digital is in RGB mode. Just press "Settings" on the Sky remote, "Picture Settings" and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have a VCR I would connect it to AV2 using a gold RGB scart lead.

And... Thats it. You can obtain even better quality from your DVD player in terms of visuals and audio whenever you decide to buy an amp. I have my DVD player and consoles connected via Component so you would need to expand on your connections... When the time comes I'll give you my layout which includes the connections of...

Sky Digital, VCR, DVD player, SNES, N64, DreamCast, PS2 and GameCube. Soon the Xbox will be added to the list as well.

Until then, feel free to ask any questions if you're still stuck mate. Everyone has to start somewhere since I was in the same boat as well. Enjoy ^_^


Shouldn't have posted that as I was not 100% sure, I will now go to the sin bin for ten minutes. ;)


Your help is very (very) much appreciated.
I'll buy the cables I need in advance so that when the
TV arrives I'm ready to rock and roll.
(Prepare for more questions when that day dawns :) )

Were it not for these forums I'd probably be watching some
cheap bog standard telly that I'd have purchased from Comet
(and paid through the nose for!)

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