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Dec 30, 2003
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chalk, Kent
Well, after a few weeks of *issing around drilling holes to put all the cables in the wall and making good im finally at a stage to hang the thing up.
Having a sqint in the booklet, there is now "ideal" set up that i can see. Is there a certain setting i should be using? ie: contrast, brightness etc. If there is anyone that can steer me in the right direction or add anything that ive overlooked it would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see and hear it with 5.1. The plasma in question is a pany th42pa20b. (component from bose DVD and RGB from sony sky box, if that helps.), cheers guys.
From new it's best to turn down contrast for the 1st couple of weeks, then use thx optimiser free on various DVD's, or Digital video essentials to set it up correctly once it's settled in. New PW6's come with a blistering +25 set for contrast, to make them look impressive out of the box. I imagine yours will be the same, so down to a - number to safeguard from screen burn on your new toy.
When you get it on the wall will you be able take a pic of it...?

I've not seen a pa20 wallmounted yet. I've had one on order with a wall mount for 2 weeks now from av-sales and I'm just waiting for them to source me a screen.
if i had a camera i would, but i dont.......sorry mate, i think its going to look bl**dy great though!

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