Setting up my cctv cameras - advice please

bob mushroom

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i hope I can get some clarification from those in the know.

I have been provided with 2 day/night cameras which I will run into a dvdr at each point.

The cameras are to be plugged in at a plug socket - I wish to strip the adapter back at the camera and wire into into the wiring of our outside lights. Is this possible? Will it affect video/audio reception?

The cameras leds glow red when plugged in. Do all "cheap" cameras do this? Bit of a give away if on or not if not plugged in.......

Thanks in advance


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As most camera are 5-12V DC and extreior lights are likely 240V AC your going to need to use transformers whihc would need to be exterior rated IP65 for extenral use. They should be powered from an secure interior location and the LED is to warn people they are on...........Cameras normall come witha video (audio if apllicable and power wire adaoter


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i think he means the infrered leds glow, most do this if not all. If poeple do see then there is less chance of something happening. Its not worth messing around with stripping the power supply. you could always get a wall mounted psu like for an alarm system, that could be hardwired in and also with battery back up.

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