Setting Up Karaoke System Through 5.1 Setup???


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Hi. At the minute, I have a 2.1 system, I want to make it a 5.1 system at some point. I watch a decent amount of movies, but I also listen to a lot of music. I know a lot of people do argue that you really need a separate system for music (to sound good), but I'm pleased with how it sounds.

I'm thinking about getting a (cheap) karaoke system, however, from the very little information that I can find online, am I right in thinking that this is really hard to setup through a 5.1 system? I want the ability to have the lyrics on the TV (laptop + karaoke software maybe?), or could use YouTube on Xbox. I also want the music coming through the speakers, and the microphone coming through the speakers. Maybe if you connect the microphone to the laptop (not sure if that's possible) it could work. Or if you use a mixer such as this: Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System Set, with Dual UHF Wireless Mic, HDMI & AUX In/Out for Karaoke, Home Theater, Amplifier, Speaker: Musical Instruments It could work. But I hear that home cinema speakers aren't really designed to handle microphones, people screaming down the microphone, etc. However, I hear there is something you can get called a compressor that can prevent damage. Not sure if these are magic devices that will just make it work without worry, or if there's only so much damage it can prevent?

I have no interest in buying a "full-on" PA system, however I don't want loads of stuff daisy-chained together looking horrendous, and extremely difficult to use. Could this really damage my speakers though? I probably have a bit too much bass going to them already, as far as home cinema goes, but I like the way it sounds. Is karaoke really that much different? In terms of damage.

Another option I was considering, which is much cheaper, easier, and less damaging to my speakers, is to get something like this: Amazon product Not that much money, which is great. I would basically have everything setup through the AVR, except for the microphone, which will (be the only thing that will) come out of the Portable PA System (I think that's what it's called). The annoying thing with this, is if you want to turn up or down the volume on the amp, you need to do it on the karaoke system as well. I think I can live with that. I'm just worried though that it may sound weird, even if the volume level is the same. Because, the music and voice will be coming out of separate speakers.

Sorry for the long-winded post, and thanks in advance.
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A Karaoke system is usually no more difficult to add to a Stereo or Surround sound system than any other Source device - they use HDMI, Optical or RCA connectors just like a regular DVD player.

You can mistreat your loudspeakers with pretty much any Source you connect to your Amplifier - the issue with Karaoke is usually that folk are in ‘party’ mode when using the system and given half a chance someone will crank the volume to 100 and kill your speakers.

A Karaoke ‘deck’ plus one or two powered ‘PA’ monitors can be had for a couple of hundred pounds and could be a better option for you.

You mention a Stereo system and possible move to 5.1 - what kit do you have in the current system?



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My Amp: Yamaha RXV485 (Black)
My Front Speakers: Tibo Edge 450 (Black)

Also got a subwoofer, which I want to upgrade when I add more speakers. I want more speakers because I miss the surround sound effect when watching movies. I really don’t want 2 systems though, there’s limited space already and it means more money. However, like I said, I’d be tempted to just get a basic system like the one I linked.

I could always set a volume limit, it’s just things like screaming, or maybe accidentally tapping the microphone, that I’m worried might damage the speakers. Also, would microphone feedback be a problem? I would assume it would be a bigger problem with 5 speakers around you, as suppose to one in the corner. Surely it would be less damaging that way?

Do you think it would be a bad idea to have 2 systems running at once, where music comes from the 5.1 system, and voice from the basic karaoke system? Thanks.

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Volume limit - that would mean locking access to the AVR Remote and Front panel away from everyone but you.

Mic 'ring around' - is always an issue when you put folk holding a mic in front of a pair of speakers which are either side of a TV screen.

Karaoke system - we have a Disc based VS-1200 system from Vocal-Star which has video (HDMI and Composite) + audio (HDMI, RCA and Optical) Outputs plus an onboard 2-mic mixer (basic mixer but does the job).

Laptop system - we also have a Laptop, 16 Channel Mixer and a couple of Shure radio mics, that system is way more costly than the Vocal-star and used for larger gatherings.

*'We' being my local Youth Group/Community Centre.

Audio - either of the above systems can be used with a domestic HiFi Amp or AVR or connect to a PA system.

Audio x2 - if you want to 'protect' your Hifi or AVR amp and speakers I would purchase a small PA and use that for the Karaoke, you can get a decent 12" full range Powered cabinet such as 'the box MA120 Mk 11' for under £130 and when funds allow add a second cabinet to the system (if you feel it is required).

Mics - which are bundled with any low cost system are usually 'crap' and cause half the problems as you usually end up having to shout into them to get any level so investing in a couple of half decent mics is worth considering.


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