Setting up Infocus 7210 projector to HD



I am wanting to connect a panasonic DMP35EG blue ray dvd player to my marantz sr4400 AV unit and then to a Infocus 7210 projector.All cables at the moment are component. the av unit and projector dont have HDMI conections. is there any way i can make this set up HD and would it be worth doing.
Any help would be appreciated.
As far as I can tell, it is a HD projector but you will need to purchase an Infocus DVI adaptor and then run a HDMI to DVI cable (or HDMI to HDMI plus DVI adaptor). What bluray player do you have? If it has analogue audio out, you could connect 3 x phono cables (for 5.1) to the multi-channel audio inputs. This would give you HD audio utilising the player rather than the receiver to decode the audio. Check the amp's manual to see if it allows to you to boost the LFE by 10db if using the analogue connections. Alternatively you will use digital coax or optical for the standard audio formats e.g. Dolby Digital and DTS.

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