Setting up HDD recorder with Freeview



I am a complete novice when it comes to HDD/DVD recorders so forgive the stupid questions! I have just bought a Panasonic DMREH60D (which I chose for several reasons not just its Freeview) and I was delighted when it easily detected Freeview through my normal aerial, giving me EPG. However, I also subscribe to the NTL analogue cable channels and I have discovered two problems with that sett-top box connected through the Panasonic:

firstly, there is interference on some (not all) of the NTL channels, which takes the form of a jerky picture and white flashes about every few seconds

secondly, I now realise that there is only a coax output from the NTL box, not a scart. Therefore I can link either the NTL box (giving me their channels) OR the house aerial (giving me Freeview and EPG) to the Panasonic! Can I get a coax combiner to feed both coax cables into one input to the Panasonic and if so would the autotuner see some duplicate, but separate channels (which I can rationalise manually) or will the feeds just interfere with each other. Many thanks in advance.

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