Setting Up Freesat In 2nd. Room.

Julian Brown

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I currently have an analogue tv with a Sky digibox (eBay) and a £20 Sky viewing card. I have a cable from the digibox going to a small HD ready tv in the bedroom. There is a TV Link connected between the cable from the digibox and the small tv with a sensor on top of the tv. This set up allows me to watch digital tv (same channel as main tv) or analogue in the bedroom.

I am now contemplating buying a Panasonic TX37LZD81 LCD TV which has Freesat built in.

My question is: Will I still be able to transfer the signal from the new Panasonic to the small tv in the bedroom using the existing cabling, TV Link and sensor?

Fred Smith

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Twin or quad LNB and additional cabling.


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They're on about swapping the LNB at the end of the satalite dish to one of these Quad LNB around £10-30

Then run cable from that to where you want it, the freesat TV and the digibox. You cant split the cable like you could with Freeview.
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