Setting up DVD recorder to LG650T


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i know there are other threads on the subject but possibly my problem has a specific solution due to the following description

i had DVD recorder set up perfectly thru the sky box and the tv via scart. I have recently bought a 650T and the only alterations were made at the TV end. ie take out all connections from the previous TV and put them into the new TV

the DVD will play ok on AV1 (scart connection). But there is no TV channel showing on AV1 to allow it to tape from Sky.

I do not have freeview set up in any way as i dont see the point, i watch Sky, there are no gaming systems attached, so the only use i have outwith watching sky is to play or record from DVD

should i be making alterations to the connections between the DVD player and the sky Box (should there be any?)


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no replies :lease:

but an update anyway.

can get sky viewed thru AV1 but only when DVD recorder is switched off.

obv a schoolboy error on my part but i'm damned if i know how to get round it

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