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Setting up an Optoma H57

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by aweinman, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. aweinman


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    I just got the Optoma H57, I was able to get a great price on this, and decided to go for it.

    Now I have done a lot of searches, but I just cannot find the answers to my questions, so assitance by anyone is most appreciated.

    I notice a tint towards green on almost all the scene settings, is this something that I am expected to tweak, or is there something wrong with my projector?

    If I am to tweak it, is there a tweak thread on the H57, I looked and looked and could not come up with one.

    Does anyone know how to get into the service menu, and what should/could I change if anything.

    I have the AVIA dvd, and have gone through it, but I am not sure what/how to use it for a front projector, most of what it talks of is for CRT, and to get the colour right, the blue strip just does not seem to work with a front projector.

    One other thing I notice, is that on some channels I can see a tiny edge of a line along the edge of the picture, either on the top or one of the sides. I know how to move the picture around to get rid of it, but once I move it for one channel, it gets worse for another. I know I can zoom, but the minumum zoom is 106%, and it seems to much.

    According the the AVIA DVD, I think I see all the picture that is sent to the projector, I guess I must need a way to make the picture 101% larger on a permanant basis.

    (Projector is 10 feet from screen. Picture is about 85inches diagnol. I sit about 10.5 feet back from screen, running through componant cables.)

  2. Gary Lightfoot

    Gary Lightfoot
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Surrey. UK.
    Green push is not unusual - the lamps in digital projectors are usually red deficient, so they can look a little blue or green. It's possible to adjust these using the individual RGB gains and cuts (sometimes called RGB brightness and RGB contrast). The individual RGB brightness will effect the black level colour balance, and the RGB contrasts will effect teh white level balance. The do effect each other as well, so balancing one may effect the other, and you have to go back and forth until they're correct.

    Unfortunately, this can't easily be done by eye, and you need special colour measuring equipment and software to do this (Colorfacts, Opticone, SMART III for example). ISF calibration by Gordon will cure this though.

    The pj itself should have a choice of colour temperatures, and you should try to find one that is close to D65 or 6500k. A higher colour temp will look blue so aim for one that may have a pink tint, as that should be closer to the colour balance movies should be viewed at.

    Some overscan will hide the bad edges seen on some DVDs, and TVs often have a huge amount - 10% or more, but 3% overscan on a digital is usually more than enough to hide this (in my experience). Moving the image is not ideal as you have already found. 106% does seem a tad high, but if you were using an HTPC you could do this accurately on a per DVD basis using ZoomPLayer.

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