Setting up an NTSC PS2 in a PAL region?


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:hiya: I plan on importing an NTSC PS2 to the UK to play some games that were never released in PAL format and to play them with 60fps.

In order to play the system successful I know I'll have to invest in a voltage converter and an American plug adapter, but I've read that voltage converters can be unreliable and still cause the PS2 to "blow up"! Is there a specific brand of voltage converter somebody can recommend that won't blow my ps2 up on me? Thanks!

Also, will these these component cables work with PSX games? I read on a review for a different brand of component AV cables that they work great with PS2 AND PS3 games but not on PSX games, just making sure, thanks!


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If you can buy the original slim model then you won't need an adapter as it has a switching power supply. Not sure about the latest slim model as the power supply is built in so unless you open it you won't be able to tell but it's quite possible that it will also have a switching power supply.


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Oh thanks for that information! :) I've been searching around but can't find any information on whether or not the new model of the slimline PS2 comes with a switch thingy, can anybody with a newer slimline PS2 model confirm if it has one or not please?

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