Setting up an AE4000 Panny for 2:35:1 screen???


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Hi, I have recently installed a second hand projector AE4000 Panasonic/screen 16:9/Acoustics surround sound system, following a few teething problems all was working fine with the 16:9 motorised screen. I have this weekend installed a new screen which is 2:35:1 and I am struggling with the settings on the Panny due to the shift between the two aspect ratios.

I have set up the panny to suit films at 2:35:1 and for everything else sky, football etc to 16:9. I have saved these aspect ratios in the pannys memory so that I can switch between the two at will. However when I set the two aspects up I had to manually adjust the lens shift up and down to suit the two aspects. I presumed that when I switch between the two aspects it would automatically shrink (narrow) the aspect to suit the 16:9 size. But what is actually happening is - if you are in 2:35 and switch to 16:9 the picture narrows but moves vertically down to which I have to manually adjust the lens shift again (on the projector box) to bring it back to centre. If I try it the other way round i.e. starting at 16:9 centred and switch to 2:35 then the picture increases to the correct width but moves vertically up, again I have to manually adjust the lens shift.

I am not a million miles away from what I set out to do however I am missing something. I can't fathom how to start with 2:35 centred and just switch to 16:9 automatically, narrow the picture but stay centred vertically i.e. within the white screen.

Can anyone out there help because this has been a labour to install from start to finish and I am almost there, but just not quite!

p.s. I should say that the reason I had to set up the aspect ratios was because I could not find a setting in the panny for 2:35:1 straight out of the box. There was everything but 2:35:1, however I read many threads about people trying to decide on 16:9 and 2:35 screens to go with the same projector as mine. Therefore I naturally assumed 2:35 was not a problem for the projector. My screen is a 106" and the panny sits about 4.5m in front of the screen, ceiling mounted. I understand now that 4.7m is about the limit for the throw distance therefore I was lucky there in a way.

Many thanks.

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