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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Arnold82, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    Just had my subwoofer delivered this morning (Epos M Sub) and I am struggling to set it up... :suicide:

    I have a Sony 820 amplifier and have changed the speaker setup to 2/.01 to reflect the fact I am using 2 front speakers and the subwoofer...

    I think the problem is not using the correct cable from the amp to the sub (as the sub is plugged in and turned on with a green light showing). I am using rca 2 phono to phono cable from the sub out (only one hole, so have tried both white and red) from the amp and input the other end into the subwoofers "low input" L & R. I thought it might be a 3.5mm jack from the singe hole from the amp to audio in on the sub - but the jack doesnt fit in the amp...

    Im stuck - can someone help please?

    Thank you!

    Edit 1 - I tried "Auto Cal" (auto calibration) and only get test tones from the front 2 speakers (Quad 11L2's)...
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    Have a good read of the thread at the top of this forum which has lots of useful info in :thumbsup:

    You need to make sure that the amps settings is correct and this may mean checking that you actually have the sub set to on in the amp, also set all the speakers to small with a xover of around 80hz which is normal and then check the gain on the sub with a starting point of halfway/12o'clock....

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