Setting up a Sony Plasma using DVE?


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Which test patterns should I be using to set the contrast and brightness on the plasma? - most of the test patterns on the new DVE disc still seem to focus on CRT sets.




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I have a Sony plasma and DVE so perhaps I can be of assistance. Firstly, set the Mode to Movie or Personal1/Personal2. Display the Reverse Gray Ramps pattern Title 12 chapter 14. The dots at the sides are the above white and below black markers.

Set Gamma to Mid.

Adjust the contrast so the brightest parts of the picture are bright but you can still see all the brighter rectangles. You may need to reduce the picture level (contrast) on your dvd player if you are getting clipping whites (the upper white squares merge together), I had to do this when my dvd player is set to progressive but interlace it's fine without adjustment. I have it set to 130.

Adjust brightness so you can see the black rectangle just before the below black marker but not the one underneath the marker. 0 seems to be the correct setting for me.

The default colour tone (otherwise known as colour temperature) is Cool. This is calibrated in the factory to 9500k, which is the japanese standard. It gives the picture a blue tint. It should be set to Warm, which is calibrated to 6500k in the factory. This is the correct setting. At first it may look reddish/yellowish, but after getting used to it everything else looks blue. The Normal setting is calibrated to 8000k and is still too blue.

Go back to 12.2 (DVD PLUGE) and make sure you've set the brightness correctly, if you have the middle of the 3 bars will be visible and the bar on the inside of that should be almost invisible unless you look really close in total darkness. The outside (below black) bar should not be visible.

Go to 12.6 and adjust the colour using the blue filter. Make sure Colour Correct is set to off. I find that the default of 0 is sufficiant. If you adjusted the picture level/contrast on the DVD PLAYER before you may need to reduce the colour level on the DVD player to match.

Go to 12.17 and set the sharpness so there is no ringing (white edges) around the black lines, I have it set to minimum.

Go to 12.19 and reduce the screen size so you can see as much of the picture as possible. Use the Screen Shift to make sure the picture is in the center of the screen, keeping an eye on the markers at the edges. Use a CD and place it in the center of the screen and fine tune the screen size so the circles are round. You'll need to do this for every aspect ratio that you use (of course use the 4:3 test pattern for 4:3, 14:9 and Zoom modes)


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Thanks for the advice - other than contrast at 160 and colour temperature of cool I'm roughly in line with your settings - I'll give it another try tonight.


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