Setting up a satellite dish for a Sky PVR


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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place...

I just want some advice on setting up a satellite dish but with some... 'restrictions'?

I recently got a old Sky+ (non HD) PVR off of someone who was throwing it out but at my house we've never had Sky or a satellite installed. (We have always just used the aerial up in the loft).
I'd really like to use the PVR in my bedroom as then I can record TV easily. I only have a small indoor Freeview aerial in this room as the loft aerial only has connections downstairs and the signal can be very poor in here, but Sky doesn't support Freeview annoyingly.

But with this not being my house (this is my parents house), they don't want a satellite dish installed so I have absolutely no way of getting one permanently installed. I do just wonder if there is a way to still use the Sky PVR and a way to use something like a sort of indoor satellite dish, a flat one or even a small one that can be at my window.

Any ideas or help is very greatly appreciated, I'm very new when it comes to satellite TV as its my first time even considering using it!

Thank you everyone, hopefully I've done everything okay and posted in the right place!

(I'll attach a picture of the PVR to the post if that helps at all).


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Hi and welcome to the forum.
First try to get better Freeview with a modern up to date indoor aerial.


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Hi and welcome to the forum.
First try to get better Freeview with a modern up to date indoor aerial.
Hi, thank you!

Yes I've got a fairly modern indoor aerial, about two years old. It was actually the first one to pickup anything since analogue signals shut down years back...

But okay, I may just have to make do and keep on trying at Freeview.

Thank you for the response as well!

Timmy C

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Sky's PVR features don't work without a subscription anyway. If you can get your aerial reception up to scratch then Youview PVR boxes can be had pretty cheaply. BT/Plusnet boxes are the ones to look out for.

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