setting up a RELQ150..any advice..


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Jan 28, 2001
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Nth Hampshire
with the settings available on this baby, how is it possible to get best results. Is it really gonna be down to trial and error.
I'd really appreciate knowing some settings that people here may have (for the same sub of course) to give me a starting point..
Thanks in advance..
Are you using both high and low level connections ?

What size room do you have ?
only using low level (+12dB)
My room is 15"x11"..
I really would appreciate a little guidance.
Thanks in advance..:)
From your other posts I take it your using your new Denon amp, so let that do the crossover stuff (set the REL to position 2 to bypass the sub's) volume on the REL between a third and half and you should be OK. My Denon A11SR sounds best with speakers set to small, THX sub crossover and REL at position 2, My Denon's sub output was quite high so took that down a few db's also. If acceptable to your listening room a paving slab underneath and a few on top with blu tak between tightens things up nicely
thanks mate, appreciate your time.:)
How about rollover (what is it). and when you say speakers set to small does that mean even if they're floor standers...

Use both the high level & low level connection. Set all speakers to small & all bass to the sub. Set the sub mode to either 2 or 4 (this ignores the crossover of the sub at low level). Try the volume around a third and then adjust as necessary either at the sub or via the SW Channel level on the amp.

When you have the high level (neutrik) connected as well. Set the sub crossover to around the lowest frequency your front pair of speakers go down to eg.40hz. For listening to music in DIRECT & PURE DIRECT modes the amp sends full range signals to the front speakers so you´ll need to go into the individual SW Channel Level and turn it OFF (to avoid bass doubling), just turn it to -12db and then OFF. You´ll need to adjust the High Level Volume control on the sub to your taste.

This way means you´ll get the best performance for both movies & music.:)

great stuff thanks mate.
I'm off to try this out in time for my Saturday night movie, either Chagning Lanes or Count of Monte Cristo..;)
Originally posted by museumsteve
don;t have a high level output on my amp..:(

High Level means connecting the sub via the speaker terminals (or on subs other than Rels, run your speaker wire in to the sub and then back out to your speakers).

With the Rel just connect to the speaker terminals so that the sub is in line with your main speakers. Just be careful where you put the yellow cable, check the manual otherwise you´ll short the amp out. I´ll have a quick search on here for what goes where. I think the yellow goes to the positive terminal on the left speaker connections of the amp (assuming black & red are on the right speaker amp connections).
Yep. Just checked Yellow goes to the left POSITIVE terminal if the black & red cables are on the right terminal (black to black etc).

sorry mate, totally lost me here.
I hope I;m not being ignorant but what yellow..?. At present I have one RCA from sub-preout on amp to my Rel's lo level input (+12db)
I really wanna try this out but would hate to kill my amp or sub (obviously).
Have you not got the other cable that should come with the sub?? Its a 10m cable with a blue neutrik connector on the end, other end has 3 wires, one black, one red & one yellow. Without this you can´t use the High Level connection.
no mate, don;t remember that one at all. I paid full price for it but sure it was un-boxed (cos of space in my car). Can I get the cable from anywhere would you think.? Maybe I'll ring the store and ask them.
Thanks for your least now I( don;t feel quite so dense..:D
All Rels should come with both cables. Give the dealer a call, see if they have it there or try give them an email, hopefully they´ll send one out to you.:)

It certainly worth having the High Level connection, especially with Denon amps/receivers.:)
thanks mate. Love this place, without it I'd never know..:)
I've spoken to the store (Spatial Audio London) and they said call back tomorrow, but didn;t actually sound too interested.
I've also emailed Rel directly so hopefully I'll get a cable somehow..
Thanks again..;)
lol..almost forgot this, but finally got hold of a Neutrik cable, so how exactly do I connect it to my Denon AVCA1SE..pretty please.;)
Can i ask how much was the 150 from Spatial Audio London?.
Looking at buying one myself.
Hi Markster,

I am just about to put my REL Q15e up for sale

Perfect condition etc.

If you are interested let me know as I am just about to put it on ebay.


I paid £500 about six months ago..and never regretted it..but woulnd;t mind knowing what I'm supposed to do with this Neutrik cable.;)
Originally posted by museumsteve
lol..almost forgot this, but finally got hold of a Neutrik cable, so how exactly do I connect it to my Denon AVCA1SE..pretty please.;)

If your using that cable as well you need to set your front speakers to large

Details ( and diagrams ) on how to set-up should be on rels web site
thanks chaps. Got myself a job for this afternoon then.:) and afterwards I'm gonna try and take some piccies.;) of my room..
wow..what a difference. 2 hours setting this up and the difference is black n white. As always, thanks to everyone for their help.:)

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