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setting my sub right

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by hawk28, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. hawk28


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    I wanted to know how to set my subwoofer with my arcam
    I have The DV79 DVD The AVR300 and pre delta 290 and power 290 which are boosting my proac studio 200 fronts ( by the way all off my 5 speakers are proac the rear is tablette 2000 and centre is CC1 and are connected to AVR300,except for my subwoofer which is a velodyne but is also connected to my AVR300)
    so I want to know how to set my sub, currently the sub is set to direct switch not internal x-over and the low-pass crossover is set to 40Hz and phase is set to 0 not 180

    if you can help me which settings is best for my system
  2. RaceTripper

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    Jan 13, 2004
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    Your sub should be set to bypass the xover (which you've already done), and xover should be managed by the AVR300. On the AVR300 I suggest setting the sub xover to 80Hz as a starting point.

    As for gain and phase on the sub, the setting depends entirely on your room and system, so you'll have to experminent to get it right. The AVR300 setup menu has test tones for all speakers and sub. You should get yourself a SPL meter as dong it by ear doesn't give very accurate results.

    Configuring a sub correctly is the hardest part of a HT setup. The Avia disk has test that may help you get initial setttings. Then use some real source material to fine tune.

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