Setanta & UFC

Mr Ten

from this july they have the exclusive rights ive been told

now ive just been told that ontop of your £10 a month subscription you will have to pay £15 ish for each live UFC event

i cant see this being true as there is not a big enough following for it to be subscription AND PPV

any info please people


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Setanta have offered PPV UFC before and at a time they only had a fraction of the customer base. I have found it strange that so many people seem to think Setanta don't push PPV because they are good guys and not because just like SKY did in the early days get you hooked on Boxing etc and then stick the knife in:)

As for the UK rights yep Setanta have an exclusive deal (exact rights unknown since Setanta themselves don't claim 100% coverage so that could mean VM still have content for Bravo) and for now the main tournaments are covered by the standard sub.

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