Setanta sports hd ??????


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i know no plans yes but i was on m40 this morning i saw to grey setanta sports trucks with hd on the side of them in big yellow letters any idea????


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Setanta own their own OB units?

That's impressive since SKY I believe outsource their requirments.


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No setanta dont own any of their own OB units they awarded the contract to Arena TV ob they film all the premiership and conference games for them.
All the games are filmed using HD cameras,VT machines and HD ob units and although im not 100% on this as not done a Setanta game yet I think its sent back to them as an HD feed its just there equipment to playout isnt HD capable and they wont buy the required bandwith to broadcast it.
The Setanta contract is for at least camera production to include 2 super slo mos because this is the biggest contract Arena have got they have had the setanta logo put on them. But the ob units in fact are used regular by Sky for the Greyhounds and the Darts and were used for the Diana concert and live Earth both full HD productions
If you want any further info look at


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deff was a arena truck i saw same hd in blue yellow logos grey truck
and setanta plastered on side pity they r too tightfisted to pay for hd output


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At least that explains why i think the SD footie looks better on setanta than on BBC, SKY or the dreaded ITV.


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At least that explains why i think the SD footie looks better on setanta than on BBC, SKY or the dreaded ITV.

I agree its better than ITV (which isn't difficult), but I don't think it's better than BBC and certainly not Sky (at least judging from the the games I have seen so far). Close up shots are ok, but the main camera shots from the stand shows lots of "fizzing" around the players and the ball, sometimes making it hard to pick out the ball in fast moving shots.


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I'll have another look then. To be honest i only watch the liverpool games and that means the only SD ive seen this season so far was on setanta and ITV cos all the games i watch on SKY are in HD.

I'm sure you guys are right though.


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Just for your information ITV's champion league games are also filmed using HD cameras and OB units by 021 tv who invested over 70 million in two new trucks hoping for ITV to go HD.
021 tv are the main ob provider for ITV they also provided all the facilities for Dancing on Ice again this was done with HD equipment but only broadcast in SD.
As I have said before I dont see any reason technically now why all uk live sport can not be shown in HD as there is now an influx of HD ob units and equipment to be used in the UK. It is just up to the broadcasters to upgrade their playout facilities and increase sat capacity to enable this.
At present Sky and to a certain extent BBC are the only companies that can do this , the main reason they dont show all sport output in HD is cost. As I know Arqiva who do the Speedway and Bow Tie/Arena who do the darts and greyhounds have offered to do them in HD but Sky dont think it is worth the extra costs even though the difference is not that much now.

Jaycee Dove

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The Setanta games ARE in HD and you can watch them in HD.

Sadly, you have to buy a Swedish TV card for about £600 to do so. And it is probably illegal.

Setanta think so much of their UK viewers that they cannot be bothered to offer the option here but the games are available to several European countries in HD.


The Setanta football matches seem ok under floodlights but the day time games are not that great in terms of picture quality. There does seem to be a lot of "fizziness", particularly with red colours.


I've emailed Setanta on a number of occasions regarding NASN in HD, especially considering that nearly every American sport is broadcast in HD now, and every time they come back with the same answer...

"We have no plans at this time to broadcast in High definition but we are working towards improving our service all the time".:(

I think this will change in the near future with ESPN now owning NASN, they want to really get a good footing in the UK and if anyone can bring HD american sport to these shores it's ESPN.

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