setanta now working

is anyone else having probs with setanta the last few days? ive not had anything since sat night now and trying to get through to them on the phone is just a nightmare


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It was off yesterday but phined them up tonight about 11oclock and they sent a new signal and im up and running again, im pretty cetain that they need to re send a signal, so unfortunately you do need to phone them


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Mine went off on Monday during the football,could only get it back by inserting the old card.

Have sent them an email asking them why they can't automatically send an activation signal when customers suffer a loss of service because of their faults.

I am reluctant to waste my time and money trying to get through to their so called customer service to ask them to correct their own faults.

I will give them the five days they state on their web site to respond,if there is no response that I will go to my bank and cancel my direct debit to them.


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IF everyone on here is having so many problems with setanta and you all go to the
BBC's Watchdog website

and say to them what your problems is surely something must get done then.

Also i find it VERY strange as they only give info on there website as to how to take out a subscription with them and no clear way of how to cancel

I was considering using them for the footy i am now having second thoughts and think i might stay well clear!

There is also
to make use off too


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Received letter from Setanta this morning dated September 13th.

Dear .....
As you may be aware, Setanta Sports have recently introduced new security measures on the Setanta Sports service available on the Freeview platform. As a result, we have issued new viewing cards to customers that availed of our service prior to July 07.

The new cards were given temporary access which has now expired. As a result, a small number of customers have experienced viewing interruptions during the changeover from temporary to permanent access.

I you have personally experienced viewing difficulties and have recently received a new viewing card, please carry out the following actions to reinstate you viewing.

Setanta Sports regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Step 1: Remove your viewing card from your Freeview box
Step 2: Power off your Freeview box at the wall
Step 3: Reinsert your viewing card
Step 4: Turn your Freeview box back on at the wall.

Viewing should be restored immediately. Please note, Setanta on Freeview broadcast hours are 12:00 - 03:00 daily.

If after following these steps you are unable to view Setanta Sports please call our Customer Service team on 08712 003322.

I followed the above steps but the same error message appeared, you are not allowed to watch this program, I repeated the above steps but this time I left the error message on screen, after about ten seconds the station appeared and I was able to watch normally again. So I think it takes a few seconds for the signal to be registered by the box. Hope this helps some people.

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