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I've got a Samsung LE40R7 HDiTV and trying to load a CAM into it for use with Setanta...
However, when I install the cam the whole TV freezes and when I do a channel scan, no channels are found at all.
I've spoken to Setanta who say it is a TV issue (needs software upgrade but Samsung say it is at latest level).
When I speak to Samsung they say the CAM mus tbe at fault but now had two CAM's from Setanta and still the same issue with both...

Anyone got any ideas ?


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If two CAMs from Setanta didn't work, it does sound like it's the TV at fault. Did you try the CAM with/without the card to see if it makes any difference? Have you checked that the CAM is properly seated and slotted in the right way around ( sorry for asking...but you never know:) )

We've used a Setanta CAM and card in a Sony W2000 with no probs...also moved it between a couple of different digi boxes and it worked fine. The only weird thing it does is that it sometimes takes quite a while to activate/reactivate if it's been left for a while or moved to a different TV/box.

TBH the freeview pay tv market is pretty bleak now that topup tv has buggered off to do its own thing....Samsung probably haven't tested UK CAMs / cards very thoroughly. Although I think Setanta are the only non Topup TV channel who use CAMs/Cards so you would think they would test it??

If you have a mate/relative with freeview box or TV that can take CAMs try the card/CAM combo with their hardware...if it works then it must be the'll have to hassle samsung some more for a solution/repacement TV.

If you can't test on alternative hardware it maybe worth having another try with Setanta incase they got a dodgy batch of CAMs.

Edit: Just thought....the pins in the CAM slot can be a bit bendy....see if you can have a good look in the CAM slot (maybe shine a torch in it) to make sure all the pins are straight and rigid.


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Hi i bought the setanta cam pack saturday,
i managed to geta signal just before the utd birm game, and it froze just before kick off, ever since ive kept getting the scrambled signal messege, and i cannot get it re tuned,

there is a match tonight i would like to see spurs v villa i think, what can i do to get it to work, ive tried phoning them and they are unhelpful idiots,

if i get it re tuned in will it stay tuned , or will i have to do the watch channel 5 method each time ??
my tv btw is a samsung le40m8 1080p,

thanks for the advise

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