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First off my equipment.
Philips Rear Projection (2 RGB)
Pioneer DVDR 3100
Sky + Box (Irish Sub)
Old Sky Box Freeview)
Normal VCR

Any sujestions on the best way to connect these. Unfortunatly the pioneer has has no RGB in. Ideally I'd like to be able to record in widescreen from either Sky box and use both RGB's on my TV. I can stick the VCR onto the old sky box. Any help would be great.


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My suggestion would be:

Sky+ S-Video Out > Pioneer 3100 > TV RGB in (1)

Sky+ RGB (TV) Out > TV RGB in (2)

Sky+ VCR Out <> VCR In/Out

It's worth connecting the RGB TV Out of the digibox to the TV AV2 as you'll then be able to watch in full RGB glory when not recording.

Do you really need another Sky digibox as well as Sky+? If you do then you have the following options:

Setup To Enable You To Record From Both Digiboxes
If you want to be able to record on your Pioneer 3100 from the second Digibox (as well as the Sky+ box) then you'll need an RGB-to-S-Video converter such as:
You can then connect the TV Out on the digibox to the converter and then to AV3 on the back-panel of the 3100. A (much) lower quality solution (but cheaper) would be to output in PAL as opposed to RGB from the Digibox which would mean you wouldn't need the converter.

Setup To Enable You To Watch Either Digibox
Either get a 2 into 1 splitter in which you can feed output from Sky+ TV Out and Second Digibox TV Out (both RGB) into TV RGB (2). Alterantively disconnect the Sky+ TV Out and just have a direct connection between the second Digibox and TV RGB (2).


The s-video out from the digibox doesn't seem to switch the aspect ratio on the pioneer 3100. For the channels that broadcast in 16:9 I would like to record in that aspect ratio. I really hope this is possible. If not can it be transfered to a pc and easily modifed to correct ratio.

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