Set-up help DAV SC8

Kev R

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My friend has bought a Panasonic 42 inch plasma with standard scart board, he also bought a Sony DAV-SC8.

I have the SC8 working on DVD via RGB out from the Euro A/V directly into the input board on the plasma, everything is fine, when I connect his Sky+ into the SC8 via the VIDEO 2 input i get nothing, no sound no picture.

I am using the the TV out scart (RGB) on the sky+ to Video 2 in on the SC8, setting the function to Video 2 and getting zilch. If I connect just the Audio it works I get sound, I can go direct from the Sky+ RGB to the plasma RGB and it works no problem.

If anyone has any idea what I am not doing or what I am doing wrong I would very much appriciate some help.



Did you ever manage to sort this out? I am considering a PW6 and Sony DAV sc8....but I am unsure how to connect them....?
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