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set up expert


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Hi is there such a thing as a person that comes round and can help fine tune callibrate a system propperly ive done the best i can also not sure if the sub is working correctly or propperly??:lease::confused:


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Your local AV Dealer might be able to help, have you asked them? Where are you in the country?

In the meantime, what equipment do you have? What settings are you using on the amp/receiver and sub? What models of AV Receiver and subwoofer do you have? The normal settings on the sub are to turn the crossover off (disabled) or all the way round to the highest setting as you're going to use the bass management (crossover) settings within the receiver to control it. Set the sub's volume/gain somewhere between 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. If the subwoofer has an on/auto setting try setting it to on.

Do you get sound when you run a manual speaker test on the receiver? Remember you will only hear the subwoofer 'kick in' when a .1 channel signal is present.

There is an excellent post re. bass management in the AV Receivers forum. Have you followed that?

For specific subwoofer related questions, there is a separate subwoofer forum.


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Hi thanks for the speedy reply im in milton keynes and dont really have a local good av dealer, I have a monolith df pioneer VSX-919ah bw cm7s and bw m1s, my amp settings are
midnight, on
s-wave, on
eq, on
a delay, on
sacd gain, 0
lfe, 0
drc, auto
dual, ch2
dialog e, on
dnr, on
s rtrv, off

not entirely sure if this is all right?
I have the sub on the amp set to +2.00 so to is the center,
my sub is set so the hi level gain is 0 and so is the phase lfe is clicked on and the low level gain is set to about 11:00 and the crossover on the amp is set to 80hz
the sub on speaker test just sounds a bit droney i think im just not totally sure its sounding too good? i never noticed it seeming poor before or maybe i just wasnt listening propperly?


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The settings I was referring to was the crossover in particular.

I would suggest you start by reading:


Presumably you run the receiver's auto setup? Check the distances etc. that the receiver has used. You can manually change them. Do not be afraid to do so. Make sure the speakers are set to SMALL in the receiver's setup. Some people use LARGE for floorstanders but I have always used SMALL. If you have access to an SPL meter, you can use this to get it accurately calibrated.

Without consulting your receiver's manual, I am not entirely sure what the settings you posted mean but one thing that jumped out was "midnight, on". I would have thought that midnight mode would be a subdued mode for quiet listening. I also found it quite suprising that you're using a lower end Pioneer with such quality speakers and in particular Pioneer. I wouldn't have thought personally that Pioneer would have been ideal with B&W. B&W are usually partnered with warmer amplification and use Rotel for demos. Denon, Yamaha or Marantz would have been my preference. I did consider the CM range when I was upgrading my speakers but couldn't get a demo anywhere. My local B&W dealer only stocked the 600 series and higher end stuff.


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Hi is there a specific amp that you could reccomend as im unsure i want to back to the dealer as the reccomended me that one and i def want to change. I have all the speakers set to small im sure it was ok before i havent made any changes to it and im sure its not performing propperly i think ill have to make the trek to bk just didnt want to waste there time. would the spl meter be able to tell me if its faulty?
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An SPL meter will enable you to check the levels and adjust them. Auto setup doesn't always get it right. As for receiver suggestions, I would reccomend looking at the amps around £1k plus eg Denon 3311, Yamaha RX-V2067/3067 and Marantz SR7005 or Rotel. Please demo! Also, visit the speakers forum and see what receivers forum members are using to drive their CM's.

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