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I wasn't sure where to post this topic so im sorry if it shouldn't be in here.

Im pretty new to AV and have gone from just wanting a new tv to wanting home cinema hardware. I just don't know whether everything will be compatable. So i thought id ask people who really know what they are talking about.

The TV im getting is the Hyundai IT Q261 26" from Scan.co.uk for £468.

I have been offered some speakers and an amp from a friend for £150. I think it will save me quite a lot of money. These are:

Sony STR-DE485E Amp

Wharfdale Diamond 8 Centre speaker

Eltax liberty 5 Fronts

I'm planning on buying two rear speakers and a decent sub separately.

I'm aware that the LCD screen is HD ready so im going to use the best possible connection that i can, which i think is the HDMI connection.

Does the HDMI cable go through the amp aswell? or does it just go straight to a DVD player or something?

Ive searched through the forums for anything to do with that amp but didn't find anything that helped. When i saw the HDMI amp thread it made me think about compatibility.

http://www.hyundaiq.com/pro_spec_q261.asp - Thats the link to the LCD Specs.

Will that amp work well with my TV?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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There is no need to connect the amp to the TV, as it does not have the necessary switching anyway. For the price you are thinking of paying may I suggest you look at the following as the TV has got Component switching. http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/yamahaav59-yamahaav59.shtml That Sony AV reciever is really old hat, I had one YEARS ago. The Wharfedale speakers are good and I would suggest offering £25 for them as a starting point.
The Yamaha reciever package is VERY popular on this site and a great price for what you get.
Thanks for the reply.

Are those speakers powerful? I was expecting to pay more for an amp and speakers. Are there any packages similar to that one but with higher quality speakers?


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They would not be the most powerful speakers on the block, but for the money you are thinking of spending you could do worse. A resonable quality AV speaker system with sub would normally run in at £300+ and then you add the AV amp. But looking at your spec 26" TV I assume it is for a small room and in that case they would be more than ample.
I might buy the Yamaha reciever by itself and still buy the speakers from my mate.

How much do you think they are worth together?

Wharfdale Diamond 8 Centre speaker

Eltax liberty 5 Fronts

Thanks again.


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Well Diamond 8's are old speakers now but always had good reviews, £25, Eltax which make resonable speakers, not in the same league as the Wharfedales and I would say £15, but you will be missing the all important centre speaker, sub is always optional just remember to set the front speakers to large if it is missing as this will divert the bass to them.
Personally I would still go for the package and buy the Diamonds for the front L&R speakers. That would mean you would have on day one an excellent set of fronts and reasonable centre, rears and SUB, plus two speakers as spares. Also remember to make it all sound good DO use reasonable quality cables.


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All I was illustrating was go for at least a basic speaker cable, I have seen so many people refuse to spend on quality speaker cable, then bury the cheap stuff in the wall to only realise that they have made a big mistake, although assuming like I did before you have a small room, the cable suggested should do for the centre and rears, step up a notch for the fronts and don't forget the sub cable.
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