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Hey all
I'm buying a Sony x90h TV soon and would really appreciate some advice on how to best connect it to my sound & ps4.

So the x90h has hdmi 2.1 inputs that will refresh 4k at 120 Hz. Or 120fps.

My av receiver is a Yamaha rx-v581 - hdmi 2.

Currently I have my ps4 and pay TV connected to the receiver (I'm probably going to forego the box and access it through the TV) via hdmi.

The info for the TV says it has speakers behind the screen that produce sound from it's source position on screen and it also goes into all of the Dolby atmos sound etc. giving surround sound.

I've seen another TV that says you can set it as your centre speaker to incorporate it into your system. Not sure if this one can but it sounds like a good idea.

I assume the picture quality would be better with direct inputs to the TV rather than the receiver if it upscales?

With the TV supporting hdmi 2.1 and the ps4 and receiver being 2.0, will having 2.1 cables make any difference?

I hope I've asked clearly enough. Kind of hard to ask succinctly!

Thanks in advance for your help. 😊


The PS4 I believe only supports HDMI 2.0 and for convenience sake it would still be better to connect the PS4 and all other sources to the Yamaha. You should have all video upscaling turned off on the Yamaha, the TV will do a better job of upscaling and that is what it is designed to do. The Yamaha is HDCP 2.2 and can pass HDR but not Dolby Vision or HDR10+.

There is no such thing as a HDMI 2.1 cable. You need a premium certified cable that's all. Your current cables may very well fill the role. You'll soon know if it doesn't with image and audio problems.

The Sony has good audio but it will still be nowhere near as good as a full surround sound set up using an AV amp and speakers.
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Hi Gibbsy
Thanks so much for that - exactly what I was after.

I'm also very glad to hear the straightforward set up through the receiver is the best way too! I've got good hdmi cables so there's an extra cost I won't incur.

Thanks again. I really appreciate it. 😊

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