Set Top Boxes... Can One Choose + Telewest And 5.1 Sound


neil malde

Firstly was just wondering if you can choose which set top box you can use with cable tv... is one better than the other if mutiple can be used.

Also heard that sky offer movies in 5.1 sound and was wondering if anyone new if telewest cable was planning on broadcasting movies etc.. in 5.1 any time soon.




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Well unless they are going to replace a load of STB's, I doubt 5.1 is coming soon.

The back of my Pace Di1010T Telewest AD box does not have either a co-axial, optical or 5.1 analogue audio output and as such would make 5.1 sound very hard (Ok, impossible) to pipe through to my amp.

I had AD installed in August (surrey area) last year, so there may be new STB's with digital audio outs, not seen one though.



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I'm pretty sure ther's an optical audio out on my C&W Pace 1000 which is marked down for 'future use'.
'Future', here meaning 'not in our lifetime'!

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