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Set top Box Not Working

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Plasmajoe, May 25, 2005.

  1. Plasmajoe


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    Probably not the correct forum for this, but if somebody could redirect it to the right one it would be appreciated. I have looked in the the only one which has anything to do with freeview boxes but it only seems to be reviews?

    Anyway my digibox Bush DFTA1 has packed up, i have only had it for approx 6 months when it came up with an upgrade (set to auto upgrade) this i assume was to update with new channels? after the upgrade it started to loose some channels after a couple of days and would only pick them up if i went on to the next channel and then back again so i had to repeatedly reinstall to correct this problem, initially i went for just update, but this did not seem to put all the channels i had before and also put some in a different order so i reinstalled as a new installation each time, then after a month or so of reinstalling it would trip out and not work at all, i then had to reset the box by removing the power and switching back on again.

    About 1 month later it stopped working again but will not reset when switching off the power and back on again. The TV is set to AV2 and is connected directly to the set top box, if i change the TV to AV1 then i can view the freeview channels but the picture is very green with no sound.

    Is it a simple one or is my box caput?

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