Servo 15 owners please


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Hi guys

i am delighted with this sub, porbably the best AV purchase i have ever made. I just wanted to check with you guys - if you put your ear right to the front of the sub, is there a slight humming noise?, not so much humming but an airy noise?

I did see elsewhere in the forum that somebody else heard this - i just want to make sure my baby is ok.




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Originally posted by chips
Yes She's fine, just breathing.:D

More like gasping for breath after a heavy reference-level movie:D Not that her lungs aren't big.....


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Every Servo powered sub has a slight humming noise but it's not intrusive in anyway, I don't like the term "humm" as it implies it's faulty in some way..........breathing does seem a better description :)


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Yeah it sounds like air moving or a motor, thanks guys you have made me feel at ease.

All i have to do is sort myself out with a decent TV now :mad:

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