Servo 15 owners, help required for new setup


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I have a problem! I have recently extended my living room. It used to be about 14ftx11ft.

I have now extended it and made the house open plan, the open space now measures 32ft x28ft.

This has caused a problem with my lfe effects.

Once upon a time , when the room was smaller I could REALLY FEEL the sub in action, this has now all but disapeared.

It will still do the bussiness at real low frequencies, eg rattle the front door knocker, move the beds upstrairs etc. But it has lost that feeling the bass feeling (I mean relly feeling the Bass) in movies at hthe seating position.

It is still reasonable, but it is nowhere near as good as it was due to the size of the new room.

Anyone got any suggestions, I am considering another servo(If I can find one quickly) on how I can improve it.

I have increased the sub levels to 46(halfway), but this just kills music, when I paly any cd's, even at this level it still does not have the impact I was used to before.

By the way I don't have the x 30 control.

Any Servo owners out there who could help please.:confused:


Massive space to bass drive. You are now really up against the physics of audio. I'm afraid you are about to quickly become a servo ex-owner!

Hopefully the sub in a corner or very close to your sitting position for maximum impact?

My feeling is that your sub used to be able to easily pressurise your previous small room. This is why you really felt it.

Now you have an open plan arrangement you are at least able to achieve low frequency standing waves in your big space. Good for an even and very deep bass resonse. But not for pressurisation.

You are probably going to need to look seriously at an American style subwoofer (or two) and big amplifiers to drive your space to levels that satisfy you as they once did.

My own house is open plan on two floors connected by an open stairway. Getting some decent bass is why a 16-46 is hopefully arriving soon. Even my Mission 753F floorstanders sound bass weak in such an environment.

Demoing big subwoofers (with the wick really turned up) in a very large showroom. Is the only way to find something powerful enough to move a lot of air now that you have this large space. Unless you buy a couple of Ultras from "you know who" and hope this does the trick.

You ought to be looking at the American AV fora now. Their HT rooms are often of similar dimensions to yours. 2000 Watts each to a couple of B4 Plus stacked in each corner of the room? All four of them! That should do the trick. Though you may need permission from the MOD before film sessions at reference level. :devil:



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thanks Nimby, pressuristion was the word I was looking for.

A couple of B4's satacked in the corners, hmmm sounds ideal, unfortunately finances don't stretch that far :( .

I am seriously considereding a 20-39 PC Plus, but not sure how that will integrate with servo 15.

Tempest has been mentioned, but It seems it's a DIy sub, I wouldn't even know where to start to make that.

What sub is your 16-46 ?

Nic Rhodes

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second servo will do what you need. SVS are just an alternative but again you will need at least two. Do you know the room volume as this is important here?


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Beekeeper, I will work out the room volume when I get back from work.

The ceiling height is about 10ft, there is also a staircase in the room which leads upsatairs. To make things even more complicated the extension , which measures 10ft by 28ft, has a pitched ceiling, going from rougfhly 15ft to 10 ft, along the 28ft section.

I hope you can make someting out of those figures, they are guestimates!


Originally posted by The Beekeeper
"A second servo will do what you need".

If he gets another servo for that huge space he should also get the optional headband.

Then he can wear them as headphones.:D



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Update, I may have a secondhand servo 15 coming my way, will have to wait for the end of the week to see if it is still for sale.

What colour headband do you suggest, I don't want it to clash with the decor;)


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The headband idea has gone,can't do it at the moment, will have to wait. I thought I ahd a servo 15 lined up, but alas seller has not responded !!

I still havn't worked out the volume of the room, I will just try and hunt down another servo 15.


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Have managed to purchase a second servo, thanks to Smurfin. It has made a big difference , haven't set it all up properly yet..

However, after visiting smurfin and listening to his SVS side by side to the servo, it means I will have to upgrade in the next few months to svs, definately 2 of them.

Excellent set up by the way Matt :thumbsup:

I have always been happy with the servo, but the svs is definately in a different league!


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in which case, can i have first refusal on a servo please?


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Once I persuade the other three quarters, which will probably take a month or two you will get first refusal.

When I do sell you will have to collect, I would not trust couriers with them.

Do you want both of them or just one ? :zonked:


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just the onw will do me fine thanks :smoke:


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Having had a play about over the weekend, The 2 servos have given me the pressuristaion that was missing.

Have tried the usual suspects for dvd, the two servos FEEl much better than my one servo did in my old room :clap:

Whilst I know the SVS PB-2 Plus x 2 will blow this setup away, I don't think I will be upgrding for a while. It will happen but not in the very near future, too many other financial commitments at the moment.(investing towards early retirement!!)

The downside is that the Avia sweep shows a lot of dips on the SPL. I will order a BFD and this should resolve the problem from what I can gather.

Even with the dips, the feeling is fantastic, this is what HC should all be about.... a Big :D

sparkymarky you may have to wait a while, but I'm sure another servo will come up for sale, only thing I would say is be quick when one does come up for sale. These are the best bang for buck subs IMHO.

Mods can this thread be relocated to the Subwoofer section please.



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Thank you Mods.

Smurfin, they're brilliant now I just havo read up on the BFd, download some test tones, then hopefully all sorted.

I forgot to mention those scratches you mentioned are hardly noticible.:clap: And thank you again for the demo :thumbsup:

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