Servo 15 arrives.....


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Well after one hell of alot of hassle with Richer sounds (which I won't even bother going into) my Servo 15 turned up today.

Strange thing is I didn't know it was a ported subwoofer.

Neither did they, until I told of them of the 3" hole in the side of it!!! I'm not joking, there were bits of sub casing all over my floor when I emptied the can stick several fingers into the inside of the sub!!!:mad:

So they're sending me another one, to arrive before 9.30am tomorrow:D

Even though it's damaged I still hooked it up and WOW. Bugger me.

I was sceptical of the hype over Servo subs, but I can safely say even with a hole in the side :)eek: ) it still blows away the 2 REL Storms I was running before.

Clean tight bass, although I did notice a little distortion (probably due to the hole!)......even so it was less distortion than with my RELs.

For anyone thinking about it, I STRONGLY recommend you try a servo sub.

Be it Velodyne CHT, HGS (yeah I wish;) ) or Paradigm.......get yourself an audition now people!!!!!!!

One other suggestion, REL subs are HIGHLY sought after on ebay. As many of you will know, I bought 2 Storms from THX for £ alone just went on ebay for £460!! Almost paid for my Servo 15!

All I can say is....roll on tomorrow when I get a pristine Servo 15!

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