Serving Hatch Removal


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I've been a follower of the forum for some time now and thought I would submit my latest DIY effort.

We've been in our current house now for just over a year.
The house is around 10 years old with a serving hatch between the kitchen and lounge/diner.
I've never been a lover of serving hatches, and on a fairly newbuild home, I was surprised to find one installed.

So I bit the bullet and decided to remove it :smashin:


The unused, eyesore!


Ripped out and looking better already


The wall bracket was offered up and positions marked for the timbers.
Timbers installed and plasterboard fitted.


During plaster application


A trial fit of wall bracket, shelves and some components

I've bought a few toys since this, and obviously hidden the unsightly cables.​
I'll update the thread as I progress.


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Nice job... funny how old style things like a serving hatch keep getting built.

It's one thing I've never really understood with new builds either.
I know they can be made to look allot better than mine did, but they're still bleeding eyesores.


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Nice job. Sort them cables out tho....


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Nice job. Sort them cables out tho....

All was sorted the same evening Darren.
However, after purchasing some new kit, a trial fit looked just as bad.

Had to take the shelving unit off the wall AGAIN to channel the cables through.
A right royal pain in the arse!

I can see I'm gonna get slated for the state of the last photo, so I'll upload a new one later:thumbsup:


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I too had a serving hatch but decided to fit it with a fish tank


Looking from the kitchen


Looking from the front room

I open to feed and clean from the left (Hinges on the right)

The tank was made by clearseal approx £35, measurements are 31" x 16" x 5"



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Been there done that, didn't look as good as your though I must admit.
I flushed mine with the wall on the lounge side and left a frame on the kitchen side.

I thought I'd make a feature of it using it as a tank, however, with the frame on the lounge wall too it would've been more of a feature (like yours).

Looks a good clean job, impressive.


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Wow, thats given me an idea, thanks!

I have a very badly blocked up serving hatch in my flat, I think Stevie Wonder did it with old cornflake packets. Its always bugged me and its always been a job to rip out and redo one day, plus I have cats so couldnt have a normal fish tank, so this is perfect!

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