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I've mentioned, in another thread, my tale of woe regarding repairs to my Sony 36FS70, it may actually return to me next week, after a mere 6 months away, including 3 months at Sony HQ at Heathrow.

My repair company have informed me that Sony is to close its main repair centre in the UK and if my TV breaks again it will have to be taken to Belgium.

They also told me that some manufacturers now employ remote diagnostics to try to fix big TVs, as far as I'm aware Sony don't do this yet, has anyone experience of those that do?

Should I get the money together to buy another large screen TV, CRT or Plasma or whatever comes along, I'd like to be assured that if it does break that it won't need its own passport and spend half a year away.

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Hi boksbox,

I read your previous post about the saga of your Sony repair and had wondered if it had been returned yet.

It seems hard to believe that a three to four year old television is beyond repair, particularly when it's an expensive model. I wonder how long they keep spares for televisions nowadays. There must be some knowledgeable Sony engineers out there. What about compensation for the damage they did to your tv trying to fix the problem? You must have suffered horrendous stress, too, over all this, besides the loss of a decent television.

The only sets that seem to have almost certain reliability are those from Loewe. It's almost the luck of the draw with large sets whether you get a good one or not!

Maybe having another good, new, big screen would be therapeutic and just dismiss the Sony from your mind (unlikely). I hope at least you get some sort of compensation for the repair hash, you certainly deserve it.

I have just bought a Philips 36" television, and took out an in home repair guarantee with Domestic and General. I just hope they don't go bust!

Please let us know the final chapter of your Sony troubles, and good luck that your next television is, and will stay, perfect!


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My Sony 36FS70 finally came back today (21st April 2004) some 6 months after it left me, the original problem was flashing error codes indicating a line output problem.

After an initial couple of months in the repair shop the decision was made to send it to Sony HQ at Heathrow (soon to close so I'm told), where it stayed until yesterday. There was one abortive attempt at delivery before Easter, when it failed after 10 mins in the local TV repair shop, back it went. All in all it suffered 6 major failures post first repair attempt.

The repair shop said although they went and fetched it from Sony yesterday they were not prepared to power it on. They would only agree to have it powered on after delivery to my house that way if it failed again I'd have to take it up with Sony, they wanted no further contact with Sony on this case.

Anyway it's back, working still, after a couple of hours, when it was first switched on the picture was barely watchable, the convergence was miles off on the right side.

The engineers reckoned Sony had added some more coils as big Sony tubes are allegedly troublesome as they get older.

They did manage to improve the convergence somewhat though it's still nowhere near as good as when it went away, the geometry is nothing to right home about also but I'll live with it for the time being.

Overall cost was £500, the local repair company were good enough to waive £150 in transport costs.
Should it go wrong again once the new guarantee runs out I doubt I could afford the transport costs to the Sony repair centre in Belgium..
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