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If your TV or any other equipment for that matter is due for repair at ServiceSpeed then be warned.

They received a one week old Panasonic TX32PD30 to look at RGB noise problem and colour purity. It was a replacement so I decided to go down the repair/tweak route rather than endless replacements. More fool me.

Engineer visited, confirmed problem and set dispatched. Two weeks later I got "within manufacturer's specification". Discussed fault again, suggested him speak to Panasonic. That was difficult because "he wasn't an authorised repairer". Not too promising.

Four weeks later "verified faults" and spoke to Panasonic Engineer. This sounds better. They had never heard of the RGB problem so that can't be fixed. The colour problem needed a new tube at £700. Not practical.

I said I needed to talk to Key Electronics who had subcontracted the work to discuss best option. They were as surprised as I was that he was not registered with Panasonic. They spoke to him (Nigel grrrr) and it turned out he was registered after all! He told them the TV was within spec and they were returning it to me tomorrow. A request to uplift it to Panasonic was turned down.

The TV was returned the next day. The top of the box was not sealed so the box had ripped together with the handles. The TV's protective covering was torn by them pulling the TV out of the top of the box. The remote had coffee on it and big greasy prints. The AC lead tie was missing. But the real show stopper was a dirty scratch across the facia. I didnt bother turning it on.

Well they certainly taught me a lesson for wanting my TV repaired. As it happens the company I bought it from are refunding me, thank god, so his plan to return my new set as a scratched piece of junk has been foiled.

I'm thinking of moving house so I am not within their catchment area and believe me I have not told the story in full.

I saw a couple of posts on this company. Anyone else had experience of them?

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When someone registers and their first post is to have a go at a company then alarm bells start ringing.
While I don't have a problem with having a legitimate gripe against a company who has delivered poor service, your post is confusing to say the least.
Who verified the faults four weeks later?
Why did you wait four whole weeks later?
Where did Key Electronics come into it?

One thing is for sure if it's a choice between replace or repair, go for replace every time.


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I wanted my first post to read I love my panasonic TX32PD30 and when it went wrong ServiceSpeed to the rescue. It just didn't happen like that.

Not sure what is confusing but....

A team of first class electronic engineers at ServiceSpeed verified faults.

I waited four weeks because ServiceSpeed has a very SpeedyService

Key Electronics (acting on behalf of the retailer) "who had subcontracted the work" to ServiceSpeed

I would generally go for replacement but this was second Panasonic (reading the posts, in comparison, it worked well but for these problems). I discussed the options with Key Electronics and ServiceSpeed assured them (they had their engineers report) that they could be fixed. Nigel was to give it his personal attention. On that basis I agreed to repair rather than swap.

ServiceSpeed did not know I was able to return the TV so to send my brand new TV back to me like that makes me mad. Its as simple as that.


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Having trouble with them too. If anyone can offer me any advice I would be so grateful - I am at the stage were I am pulling my hair out.

I suffer from the dreaded vertical bar problem on a philips 32pw9617 which I first noticed over christmas. Since I bought the set back in July 2002 I am past the manufacters warranty, however I have a House of Fraser extened warranty on the set until 2007!

ServiceSpeed initially took the TV in January and and spent 4 weeks applying DoogyDawg's fix to it which they said had cured the problem. On delivery back it was clearly obvious it hadn't worked and they had knackered AV2 scart socket on the back so it didn't produce any picture. A week later, after sending the incorrect engineer, they took the set again. However this time they were slightly more argumentative. They stated that it was unlikely that the vertical bar problem would ever be fixed as it was an inherent fault rather than a repairable fault covered by the warranty (???). They also said to me that it was possible I turned AV2 off in the menus (???) and that it may be my DVD, VCR and XBOX is incompatible with the TV (???).

Any comments or suggestions most welcome. The TV is due back again on Thursday so have my fingers crossed.


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The extended warranty is excellent news. You'll need to wait until Thursday to see whats been fixed and whats been broken.

Assuming your TV has vertical bar and broken AV2, your options appear to be:

House of Frazer to replace or refund - never mind the fact its 20 months old. You have given them two opportunities to repair it; OR

House of Frazer to repair it - insist that it is not "repaired" at SSpeed. Replacement TV while U wait; OR

Get an indepedent engineer to look at it and agree faults (£50)- send report to H of F and ask them how they intend to rectify the problems (repair, replace or refund). Your statutory rights do not end after one year.

Basically, you have an extended warranty, if it hasn't been fixed you'll need to start to kick up a stink.

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