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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by topmba, Mar 15, 2004.

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    My situation is I used the service menu to "adjust" the picture.

    However, I now realise, I must have pressed the aspect ratio button and changed the settings on Superlive, which I now use for the football from Europe.

    I thought the settings were the same, but, alas not. AND I only wrote down the WIDE, 4:3 settings, which were the same.

    Using "Biboo"'s list, augmented by "NeoBlade" and "jase the space" I have "#" the ones that are different on Superlive from Wide, this could be due to me having messed up, though.

    RCUT - Red Cutoff
    GCUT - Green Cutoff
    BCUT - Blue Cutoff

    GDRV - Green Drive
    BDRV - Blue Drive

    BRTC - Brightness Centre

    SCNT - Subcontrast

    COLP - Colour (PAL?)
    COLS - Colour (SECAM?)

    SBY - May be something to do with conversion between Blue and Luma
    SRY - May be something to do with conversion between Red and Luma

    # HPOS - Horizontal Position - WIDE 34H, SUPERLIVE 3CH
    # HIT - Height - W 29H, SL 35H

    VLIN - Vertical Linearity
    VPS2 -

    # WID - Width - W 29H, SL 14H - SL does not fill screen
    #PARA - Parabola (i.e. Pin Cushion) - W 15H, SL 1CH
    # CNR - Corner PARA (better pincushion control at 4 corners) - W 13H, SL 18H

    # TRAP - Trapeziod - W46H, SL47H
    CPAR - Centre PARA (better pincushion control at 4 corners)
    # HSC - Horizontal S-Correction (?) - W 10H, SL 11H
    # VPS1 - Vertical Phase Shift (?) - W 78H, SL 7CH
    CSAW - Centre SAW

    OPT3 - I wouldn't touch things like this!

    Superlive, currently does not fill the screen. Having adjusted the WID I do not notice any big difference to WIDE (apart from the obvious HIT). The golfishbowl effect, apparent on my neighbours Thompson is not as evident. Isn't SkyNews bottom rolling bar, supposed to speed up and expand at the edges and squeeze down and slow down in the middle, as Superlive should?

    Can someone , please, give me their settings. I will use the difference to adjust Superlive, pleaseee

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