Service Code/Menu For Old CRT BUSH TV?


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Hi can anyone help me out with a service code for a Bush RF2185NTXSIL/A CRT TV. The screen needs shifting over to the right when using the A/V channel?


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Try pushing "Menu" followed by 9301 on the remote.
To exit service mode press o (zero)
This is the method of service code entry on an earlier Beko chassis and I don't know if it's the same for your model/chassis series.


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Thanks JayCee, also if you come across a code for a Sharp 21HT15H aswell please

Sorry, no luck with the Bush which uses the Beko K1 chassis.

Procedure for the Sharp which uses the GA1E chassis is...

1. Switch off Tv.
2. Hold VOL (-) and PROG (+) keys on front panel.
3. Switch on TV.
4. Stop holding the keys when Menu appears.
5. Use PROG (+) and PROG (-) keys to move up and down the menu.
6. Use VOL (+) and VOL (-) to change values.
7. Switch TV to standby to store values.

You're probably going to need to adjust the "Horiz Shift"

Good luck.


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thanks for the sharp code JayCee it works just fine. Shame about the Bush not having a code as the horizontal shift on that is rather noticable on the scart channel where as the Sharp isnt too bad at all


Hi There,

Hope you don't mind but I've added the sharp one to my website: Mod edit; link removed

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