Service centre or parts for Marantz SR4600


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I've had a Marantz SR4600 for a few years and it went bang just out of it's warrantee (typical!).

It was in a local Hi-Fi specialist shop (in Belfast) for repair since last May (yes SEVEN months!).

They have said that they have chased Marantz regularly over this period but still have not received the necessary part (an output board - when it's disconnected the unit powers up).

I'm not too sure how much chasing of Marantz they have done as they have never returned any of my calls when I have requested an update!
The only info I have been able to get out of them has been when I have called in and cornered the service guy (and he didn't strike me as the brightest spark!).

To cut a long story short - where can I either:
a) Buy an output board which I will fit myself.
b) Send my box for repair.




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That is a scandalous length of time for any shop to hang onto your equipment,no matter what the reason.:eek:
I would have been having serious words after 3 or 4 weeks at the longest.

Sorry,cannot help with your repair...but i had a fault with my Marantz SR4200 recently,after many years of good service. I considered going down the repair route,but after weighing everything up i decided my best option was to upgrade to a new receiver,which i did with a Denon AVR1907B. :)


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Yip - was thinking of the upgrade route also (but would be nice to have my 'old' receiver for the bedroom).

Will have a look at your recomendation and open another post for ideas...

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