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Server Configuration



Hi all.

Well having got the network out of the way it's time to build up a server to link to the HTPC.

Could anybody out there give me some specs for a server (Nothing too fancy).

I am assuming I need 2 HTPC's? One in the living room under the plasma, one some distance away by the projector, and a server somwhere in between feeding them both? Or can the server be used to feed the projector if I add the right video Card?

Many thanks, Gerald. :lease:


Established Member
Hi Gerald

You could indeed feed your projector from your server, I would be advise the following spec for both HTPC's including the one you want to use as a server:

AMD 64 x2 3800
Asus A8N-VSM m/board
80GB HDD for none server pc
in the server one you know what level of storage you'd need
DVD R/W in both might as well for £25 a go
case of your choice.
If your not playing games the onboard graphics on the Asus board are fine and include DVI out.
Also make sure you get the SPdif outlet for the motherboard, www.mediapc.tv sells them.
Oh and two copies of MCE2005 if you want to stream your movies from the server using the great "my movies" plug in. :clap:
Good luck



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JetJockey said:
Well having got the network out of the way it's time to build up a server to link to the HTPC.

What do you want this server to do? If you only want a file server and want to do it cheap, you can do this with a mini-itx motherboard and a big hard drive for about £250.

I am not sure why you would want the server to drive the projector? This to me sounds like a HTPC...


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Personally I'd avoid two HTPCs at all costs. Even if the expense doesn't bother you then the hassle of keeping two HTPCs patched, tweaked and working will become tedious after a while. At some point you'll just want to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labours.

How far away is the projector going to be from the plasma? You can get 20m VGA cables and 25m DVI cables from Lindy. They are rather pushing the limits, but if they worked could you put one HTPC with a dual DVI (or dual analog) graphics card somewhere it could feed both plasma screen and projector?

On the server I'd echo jameson_uk's comments. If you just want it to act as a file server then either

a) build a minimalist PC using a fairly slow and cool processor (or reuse an old PC you already have) and stick a large hard drive in it. If you want to save on Windows licenses then you could always install a mini Linux distribution with Samba (emulates a windows file server).

b) Go down the network attached storage (NAS) route and buy something like a Buffalo Linkstation (£265 for 400Gb). They're smaller, quieter and cheaper to run than your average PC.You can add additional space by plugging in additional USB drives. If you're feeling brave then you can hack them to run a mini Linux distribution see here http://www.linkstationwiki.net

Have a look also at the QNAP TS-101 mentioned elsewhere on here.

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