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I have now got to the point where i have far to much content on my drives and my pc is overspilling outside of the case.

I have decided to potentially go down the route of installing the server into a wooden (ikea) cabinet. Cost me £10 from ebay and if it goes wrong, i'll just drag it outside and leave it for the yobs to burn.

I would normally go along with the server spilling out everywhere, but i live in a flat with ever decreasing space.

My fundamental issues are heat and noise.

I have approx 12 disks, varying in size (which will be addressed at some point) by buying bigger disks and replacing them.

Has anyone attempted such a project?


You just need a large case, and fit it somewhere where noise isn't a problem, say a spare room, and have the data shared across your LAN.

Could shut off the hard drives after x hours idle, that'll help with noise reduction.

Lian-Li PC V2100 can store 12 hard drives.


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My issue is that i do not have a spare room (it's rented out to someone) hence why everything needs to be tucked away into a corner out of the way.

My previous solution was to run everything across the W/LAN, and i still do to a number of pc's around the flat (kitchen, bedroom1/2, bathroom, lounge).

I can easily mount the mobo, and PSU, but its the running of cabling etc to the HD's which will create the most noise and heat that is an issue..

I might have a go at it tonight and post pictures as its goes along..


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I would imagine that this will be very noisy, with the potential to be a fire hazzard. HDD's, power supplies, processors and motherboards can run pretty hot.

I would go either a really big case or some very large capacity drives and consoladating.


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It's a potential issue that i have thought about.

I have looked at a number of online projects that have used wood, i think i can adequately extract heat due to the size of the cabinet.

I was going to mount the drives into thermaltake 3-2 drive bays with their own fans, but use some sort of matting to reduce vibration etc.

Then drill holes, and use some bigger, slow moving fans to reduce noise...

Big cases, potentially looking at 150£ish, then parts...

If everything goes wrong with building it, then i will look at this...

Just thought that a nice wooden cabinet would be quite cool!!


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Wouldn't it be more prudent to spend the money now on addressing/shrinking the number of drives right now then spending money on a server and then doing the number of drives shrink?


Depends if he needs banks of drives, in which case a NAS is upto 2 bay, unless looking at expensive 5 bay. I use a 2 bay 2x300GB drive NAS, works well...but if OP needs several TB then several NAS's work out quite expensive. If the OP has 80GB (and other small drives) get rid of them for 500GB drives instead.


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I was going to mount the drives into thermaltake 3-2 drive bays with their own fans, but use some sort of matting to reduce vibration etc.

I have 2 of these on ebay... :D If you're interested, i can remove them from ebay, and offer them to you at a good price.

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