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If your DVD player doesn't have a HDMI/DVI connection yes, component is the best connection to use but it only carries the video signal. You would also have to connect dvd player to the TV or amp via an audio connection e.g. RCA phono (red/white) or digital co-ax/optical cable. Do you have an amp or a surround sound system? After that, it's SCART, S-Video and then composite (yellow/red/white) in order of picture quality.

A component cable can cost anything from £10 upwards. A cheapish one can be found here:


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SaladFingers said:

the dvd player is part of an all-in-one cinema box - Denon 500SD. I'm not sure how the player will connect to the speakers as yet.

Here, there is a table of the various connections, half way down the page:
Use component.

The speakers connect to the speaker terminals on the back of the unit, that aren't shown on the link



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Use the component cable to connect the all-in-one to the TV. If you want to get Dolby Surround Sound from analogue TV (Nicam), Freeview or Sky, you will need to connect via a RCA phono cable such as this: If you have sky+ or your TV has optical out, use that and buy a cheap digital optical cable (also known as toslink) which cost from about a fiver upwards.

There are a few other spare inputs for connecting xbox's, sky+ and so on.

The speakers are connected via the spring clips at the rear of the unit, which is pretty straightforward.

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