Serious Sam 2, is it just me?


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Loved SS and Second Encounter, Even bought the extra version when cheap for the levels I hadn't played. But two days ago read that the SS 2 demo was around, found it, installed it and, well, well disappointed. Considering all the graphics advances made it hardly looks any different to SE.

It still feels the same game, still a pain to change controls (please put in a SW FF2 driver this time) It really could be 3 or 4 years old.


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Didnt feel the same to me, SS is about massive open areas and tons of enemies coming at you, this had the latter somewhat but not to the extent of the first game, a real letdown imo.


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The leap in graphics is awesome.

It maybe that the demo used a simple level, i'll be playing a co-op tomorrow night so let you know if one of us driving the jeep the other shooting from it gives a new dimension to the game.


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Has a little play on this lunchtime and can say for sure that the game is way better than the demo :thumbsup:

Nice secrets like scoring a goal, slam dunking etc.

Eat the chilli and your phart blows up the hut you are in.

Now do I use that cheat and have god mode on!!!


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do not doubt SS2, it is awesome.

Granted it does echo a slightly role play game, but there is still loads of action - I have a pci-e 6600gt and that is not enough to give the max setting with a 1920x1024 monitor.

Graphics are off this planet.

Now if only I could find it for free ;)

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