Serious problems


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ok im not a newby or anything but im realy struggling
i have a sony dvd changer and have tried every which way of pluggin it into the plasma
ive tried scart to scart
scart to svid
scart to 3 phonos and half of them dont work and the scart ot scart only produces a black picture?
can any one help me on this one?
it was working fine before plugged into my av reciever and then into the tv but not now on a new tv
please some one help me the nagging from the missus makes me wanna not have bought my lovley plasma!


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Have you set the input signal to RGB or whatever signal you are using ?

What are the model names of the kit you are using ? Always helps.



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no i havent as i cant seem to do it
dvd changer is a sony nc615
plasma is LG PX11
cables are a mixture of scart to scart scart to svid and scart to 3 phono



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Try connecting another source (VCR, PS2, DVD player) to the TV and the Sony DVD player to another TV to make sure they work on their own.

Then, connect Scart 1 (Could be named TV) on the DVD player to input 1 on the TV. You should be able to get some sort of picture. Scour every menu on the DVD player and TV to find if you can fix the signal to RGB. There has to be one on the TV at least to swtich from RGB to CVBS (Composite).

If there is still no picture, check your DVD player whether there is Progressive Scan and if there is, make sure it is turned off.

Are you getting any sound from all of this ?



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the sound is run through a AV reciever so yes and there is picture but only black and white so i cant understand it worked about 2 days ago on my old tv video and ps2 and freeview all work fine on the tv just not the dvd player i just dont egt it


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if you are getting a black & white picture then it is almost certain that you have an 'issue' with which will produce black and white when combined with an RGB/composite output/input.

You need to ensure the output type over the scart lead is matching the input the socket you are plugging it into is expecting.

RGB is generally considered the best scart format and so make sure the DVD is set up to output via scart in RGB and that the scart is plugged into one of the RGB enabled sockets on your TV (refer to the manual if in doubt) and that should fix the problem


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ok fixed it and thanks to all it was a setting on the dvd player that i could only change when the dvd had stopped which i didnt no
thanks again

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