Serious n00b needs help setting up home cinema

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Rhythm, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Hi guys,

    As you can read from the title, I have a serious problem with my home cinema system. I bought a 32" Bush TV and Bush Pro400 Surround sound system and Goodman's DVD player. As you can see I didn't have too much money to spend, but at least I got the job done ;)

    My problem is this. I need to connect my Sky Decoder, Playstation 2, Surround Sound system and DVD player all to work. As it stands, I can watch tv, but I can't play playstation and I can't watch dvd's or Sky. The surround sound is also not setup. I know I am complete noob, cos I can't even see where to plug the surround sound into! The TV and DVD player don't seem to have the right connectors to connect to the surround I dunno what to do from here. The PS2 worked on my previous tv on the AV channel without having to tune or anything. I connected the PS2 via SCART and it doesn't work now :(

    I have digital pictures of all the connectors and I don't wanna have to call an electrician in that would cost me a fortune...

    If someone can PM me, or mail me i'd be glad to hand over the pictures and try and explain what I am doing. Sorry if I posted on the wrong forum but i'm a bit lost with this all.

    I'm pretty damn good with pc's, but this stuff is beyond me!


  2. hornydragon

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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    Have a look in general hardware loads on this sort of stuff and if you wanna PM me the pics i'll have a go for you.

    PS please read all manuals first they are quite helpful!!

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