Serious Hitachi PJTX100 Blob Problems and Thousands of Stuck Pixels!!! Help! :(


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Jun 27, 2010
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Hi All - Finally registered today to ask a question - been one of your many many lurkers for a while :p

I own an Hitachi PJTX100 3LCD projector from north america that's on about 800 hours or so of it's second bulb - and recently it's started having some serious display problems...

About six months ago it started having a wandering blue blob (dust?) go around the screen... Mostly on the right side but it's been all over before. It started out as a halo / circle thing and since then has grown to a 1/3 of the right of the screen.

The second, even worse thing is that about three months ago it started getting some stuck blue pixels on the screen... and since then it's grown from "some" to thousands of stuck pixels - they are all over focused towards the top.

Take a look at the pics please and you'll see what I mean - it's brutal :(

There are no real technicians that I know of here in Costa Rica for Hitachi - or any brand for that matter- so any repairs ill probably have to do on my own... o_O

Call me crazy - but if my projector dies I'll be stuck buying a $300 used CRT tv off someone - a new projector here starts at $2000 for a budget model (import taxes)... And I just don't know if I'd be able to watch anything ever again... :'(

Really hoping you guys could help me solve it! :D


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Desperate bump :(

Hoping someone can give me a glimmer of hope!!! :'(
I guess that the high views and lack of response is possibly down to not wanting to give you bad news (or viewers really just don't know the answer I suppose :)). I have a horrible feeling that you are suffering from a failure of the LCD panel or possibly the polariser(s). Organic LCD panels can suffer this way, but I've also seen some Sony projectors suffer from the polariser giving a similar effect (only seen pictures on the forums though I must confess).

The bad news is that if this is the issue it will cost more than the projector is worth to repair. However the good news is that for around £300 you could pick up a newer but used projector on the forum classifieds here. You may have to pay import charges or local taxes, but it might be worth considering.

I hope that someone comes along with a quick fix and proves me wrong, but I have a feeling this won't happen. Sorry to welcome you to the forums on such a downer.
Hi guys,
Sorry for bumping this- just wanted another glimmer of home that maybe someone would have a solution for me :(

It's getting worse all over :(
KevinS1965 already spelt it out. It's probably the polariser of one of the LCD panels. Basically, unless you can pick up the parts cheap yourself then it's beyond economic repair.

You're best best is to buy a bulb-less second hand one off ebay when (or if) one turns up.

One last thing. Get a DLP machine next time. They last a lot longer then LCD machines do.

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