Serious help needed - VGA to M1 connector



Hi all! I'm new here but I have a real problem at work and some of you guys seem to be really good at this connector/adaptor business so I was hoping you could help me out. Hope that's ok. :)

Anyway - here it goes:

We're building a prototype and we want to connect a computer (vga) to a InFocus LP120 projector (M1-connector (DVI + USB)).

InFocus LP120:,1425,sz=1&i=28878,00.jpg

That's fine since there are special cables for that (vga to m1 adapter).

VGA to M1:

However.... (and this is were it gets tricky) we want to use as few wires as possible to transfer the video signal (please please don't ask me why :p). So we've been looking at S-video but concluded that the image quality was too bad.

But then we realized that there are RGB connections as well! Or so we thought... And I stumbled over these adapters on the web:

VGA to RGB (right???):

component to M1:

The more educated among you can probably guess what happened... One is an RGB... one is a component.... boy do I feel stupid in retrospect... but it seemed so obvious and natural at the time.... :-/ It didn't work very well...

Soo - here's my problem... we want to use as few wires as possible to transfer the video signal but without the quality loss of s-video. So I was wondering... How many of these VGA pins do I really need?

I've looked at this vga schematics drawing so if you say something about what parts of the vga signal that is essential/not so important you can point to this:

I understand that this is pretty complicated stuff but the next step for me is to sit down and try to figure it all out with a multimeter so any information you can give me is greatly appriciated!

Any idea how I can make this work? VGA to M1 with as few wires as possible and not s-video? Thanks! :)


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Interesting.... Sounds like your working in my kinda place...

Im not sure, but I think the most important answer I can give you is:

VGA Video consists of 5 Video feeds (+5 return/grounds, unless you use a common shield, which would give you 6 total).
The main video signals required for analogue VGA video are::
R+G+B + Horizontal Sync + Vertical sync.

These should run down some sort of shielded cable, or you can stick it down anything with the "suck it and see" approach...

Let me know if you need more info...


Ok - R+G+B + Horizontal Sync + Vertical sync is needed... got it.....

I'm going to sit down and have a go at this now... wish me luck :)

I'll report how it goes....

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