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Series X Setup question


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I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this denon av receiver specific question. I have a Denon Avr-s640 receiver. My television apparently has one HDMI port that is Hdmi 2.1. The receiver is HDMI 2.0. I plan on getting a Xbox Series X that apparently can perform at 4K 120 frames per second as long as it's connected to that 2.1 port. So naturally in this case I would have to connect the console directly to the television. But in order to get surround sound, I'll still need to connect the sound to the receiver. I'm sure that would be done via an optical cable. My questions would be what are the settings I would need to set on the receiver so that I can get the sound from the receiver while the video is going straight to the television.


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Sounds like your talking about ARC settings on your TV and Amp to send the sound back from the TV via an optical cable to the AMP.
Just to be sure yout TV does do 120 frames right ? as the presence of HDMI 2.1 does not guarentee that I believe, if so then ARC is what you need to set, I dont use it or have that Amp but it gives you the name to look up in the amp manual.

This is what a google turns up.

If its a major pain there wont be many games that use 120 fps so you wont be missing much.

Indiana Jones

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Simply connect the optical output on your TV to the optical input on your receiver, then select the appropriate channel on your receiver and that should be it sorted.

Alternatively if your receiver supports ARC you can send the audio from the TV back down via a single HDMI cable.

Nemesis X2

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Couple of things to consider. As above you could run audio via optical port of TV to Amp, but if it's an Atmos capable amp optical doesn't support it.

As the TV has a dedicated HDMI 2.1 port i'd be amazed if it didn't also have one assigned as ARC or EARC. As mentioned above, if you have an ARC port just link the amp via that and it'll be good for other everything connected to the TV. Just bear in mind though you may have to adjust some TV audio options if there's any noticeable lip sync issues.

Also as pointed out above, not all HDMI 2.1 TV's support 4k 120. I've mentioned on various posts for people to be careful because a lot i believe will get caught out with the buzz around HDMI 2.1 thinking any TV with it is sorted for next gen features like 4k 120, ALLM, VRR etc, but as correctly pointed out, although 4k 120 is a feature of HDMI 2.1, not all TV's have the capability to run at that level. So need to be certain of the individual TV specs.


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also remember you will not get the full sound bandwith unless you use earc, to get that you need a gadget that will convert earc to arc and you get full sound bandwith on everything via your tv

its this thing brill gadget THENAUDIO – Add EARC to Any Sound System

This device is truly is fantastic! It allows me to connect my XBox One X, AppleTV 4K and 4K UBD directly to my TV and, thru my TV’s eARC, sending uncompressed audio back to my AVR.

delivery is very fast within 5 days

if you only have 1 hdmi 2.1 port then this wont work

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