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Collected my series x 3 days ago. 1st day all fine. Yesterday and today ive switched it on and front light just flashing slowly for around a minute or so without actually seemingly doing anything. Second time i power it down and then back on seems fine. Then last night borderlands 3 disc when try to load up says something about a licence and wont load. The day before that it worked fine. After a restart yet again starts working ok. Its not inspiring me with confidence tbh. Anyone else experienced this?

King Tones

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If its new it could be trying to update when you turn it on so go to settings and check for any updates and then via Power Settings do a Re-Start or Full Shutdown of Console and see if that helps.


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it was doing an update while off thats why it was flashing but not coming on it was doing the update while off and it has to finish it before turning the console on.

as for the licence thing thats an internet connectionissue


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Yeah there isn't too much to worry about here. The 'issues' are unrelated.

Firstly - it was an update in progress.

Secondly - your disc issue could either be a blip or a faulty disc drive. I'd suggest more likely a blip as a reboot fixed it. Don't think its internet related as its using disc to verify the game.

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