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I have a Philips PUS 7805 which is connected to an Xbox series X using the Xbox hdmi cable.

I have noticed that when I play a game in HDR the tv doesn’t recognise it as a HDR signal and stays in normal ‘game’ mode. Making everyone look horribly washed out.

Even when I enter the Xbox calibrate HDR mode, the xbox says your tv is now in HDR mode please calibrate, I look at the TV settings and it says it’s in SDR game mode. I’ve tried changing SDR modes etc but still no joy.

The Xbox states my tv can take HDR & Dolby Vision Gaming but when I play the new Native adolby Vision games (F1 2021 or Dirt 5) or any standard HDR games my tv never recognises the HDR or Dolby Signal and remains in SDR mode.

The tv correctly identifies when Apple TV sends a Dolby vision signal and displays this correctly.

Anyone else experience this or know of a solution. Ive tried another tv and the HDR mode correctly switches on when the Xbox activated it.
I’ve been really excited to use Dolby vision for games

Thanks all


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Quite late reply, but have you enabled any specific hdmi settings, like deep colour etc

Also is everything ticked in the Xbox settings, allow hdr etc


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Did you try a different hdmi cable .. I bought a couple of 8k leads off amazon and perfect.. I believe that model of TV does not have HDMI 2.1 ..
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